How to Say NO to Your Coworkers (politely)

Saying no at work can be uncomfortable and intimidating. We don't want to disappoint our boss or colleagues and we don't want to miss out on potential opportunities to advance our careers.

Because of this, many of us wind up taking on too much and overworking ourselves. These are instances where it would actually be better (for us and our companies) to say no.

But how do we respectfully say no at work without feeling guilty?

Luckily, GetVoIP has put together an infographic that helps identify situations where it's appropriate to say no and offers tips on how to respectfully decline a new task.

Some Quick takeaways from this infographic:

  • 53% of Americans feel burned out or overworked.
  • Saying no at work results in higher quality work and a better work-life balance.
  • You need to be honest and straightforward when you say no.
  • Offering an alternative can be a productive way to say no.

Check out the visual below to learn more tips for effectively saying no at work.

How to Say NO to Your Coworkers (politely)

Are you a person who always says yes?  

Leave me a comment and let me know why you think you have to say yes, even when you know you shouldn't sometimes.

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