Proof LinkedIn is Dominating Social Media

LinkedIn is a different social animal when you stack it up against other platforms like Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest. A typical LinkedIn user is going to be in a more professional mindset. In that way, it's a bit more unique.

Let's look at some marketing statistics that show how beneficial it could be to incorporate it into your strategy.

From Econsultancy

LinkedIn sends nearly four times more people to your homepage than Twitter and Facebook.  While they lead the pack on social sharing of your posts, they don't touch LinkedIn when it comes to driving people your website.

Econsultancy did a two-year study of 2 million visits to 60 websites and got the following numbers:

  • LinkedIn: 64% of social referrals to corporate homepage
  • Facebook: 17%
  • Twitter: 14%

  • Looking for Industry Insights

    Your followers are active on LinkedIn because they want to be more productive and successful professionals. Informative, useful updates receive the highest engagement rates because that’s the information members expect from companies they follow on LinkedIn.

    So, when you're posting to LinkedIn, be helpful and transparent, and make sure you include industry and company insights.

    Don't post on Evenings, Late Afternoons, and Weekends

    It's not a huge surprise that when it comes to business professionals, they will be most active during normal business hours.  By avoiding evenings, late afternoons and weekends, you can reach a wider audience.

    You can use a tool like HootSuite or Buffer to schedule your posts to go out during optimal times even if you're free time to do posts is during non-business hours.

    Post at least 4-5 times a week

    LinkedIn has found that their best-in-class marketers are posting 3-4 updates per day.  At a certain point though, you will post so much that you will see diminishing returns.   Twenty updates a month will get you in front of 60% of your audience, and there's no guarantee beyond that.

    You need to be sure that you're posting as many updates as your content supports.  Start with 4-5 a week and scale up slowly to see if it's worth posting more.

    Are you ready to be a savvy LinkedIn marketer?

    This handy infographic from LinkedIn lets you check your skills and see if you're ready to be a Sophisticated Marketer.


    LinkedIn infographic

    Do you use LinkedIn for your business?

    Leave me a comment with how and why you use LinkedIn for your business and if you are seeing and results.

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