4 Engaging Emails You Should Send Your Customers

Everyone (including me) says you need to build an email list. And for good reason! Email has the highest ROI for most businesses at $40 profit for every $1 spent.  In this article, I’m going to assume you already have an email list of customers. It doesn’t have to be huge list – but it does […]

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What SEOs Can Learn from CROs

SEO is a complex discipline. In 2017 it’s set to become even more of a broad skillset, with SEOs wearing multiple hats. You’ll see SEOs switching from being a content marketer one minute, to a technical ninja the next. An SEO is increasingly also a CRO (conversion rate optimizer) and an UX (user experience) specialist.  By […]

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How to Become a Thought Leader by Writing

Humans have a long history of reading and trusting written words. As a child, you learned about the world from books. As an entrepreneur struggling to grow your business, you read even more.  So let me show you how to grow your business by becoming a writer yourself.  I’m writing this article to someone that probably already […]

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