Marketing Today – Evolve or become Extinct!!!

Marketing has evolved more than every other business division over the past 30 years due to drastic changes in market dynamics and technology. The marketing channels have grown from predominantly mass media (radio, billboards) to more targeted and personal branding channels also known as social media. From Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn, these are the gatekeepers between businesses or individuals who want to promote their products or services and millions of people who would appreciate the funny, clever, or heartfelt campaigns.

Marketing has also changed because the generations have changed.  The bombardment of marketing from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep makes us numb to the tv commercials, direct mail, and cold calling.  It takes more than just getting in front of the right person, you need to tailor your marketing to your ideal customers personalities, interests, and current needs.

So are you ready to evolve your marketing skills so you can keep up?  Let’s find out!

Effective marketing can be delivered to hundreds of thousands of people through social media and other platforms that are becoming more and more wide-spread. If you want to master marketing and ensure you continue to communicate with the needs of your target audience, you have to pay attention to what they’re looking for, where they’re looking for it and what struggles they deal with in order to reach them. So how do you keep up with the marketing pack?

The Marketers Toolkit

Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation.

- Peter F. Drucker


Branding is important because it establishes your marketing identity that customers can resonate with. Weaving your brand into all of your marketing efforts helps to build a memorable and consistent image to go along with your content.


Branding is important because it establishes your marketing identity that customers can resonate with. Weaving your brand into all of your marketing efforts helps to build a memorable and consistent image to go along with your content.


Writing amazing relevant content is and will remain a pillar of marketing for centuries to come. You need to have great written content because it can evoke emotion, thought or infuse intrigue. Today, content is considered by many the core of marketing. Incorporating short written content such as Facebook and Twitter post and longer content such as blogs and Ebooks throughout your marketing mix will increase your reach and effectiveness.


After the content is carefully crafted presentation is everything!. Is the canvas a website, business card, poster, or flyer? Design can help determine attention and overall effectiveness. Don’t slack in this department! If your showcase appears cheap it can tarnish your image


Optimizing the various aspects of your marketing is essential to expanding your reach. Search engine optimization, website optimization, and social media optimization are just the beginning in operations management applied to the digital realm. Efficiency will always be a pillar of success and getting the most bang for your buck in marketing now includes paying attention to the metrics of all things digital.


Analyzing the metrics and conducting marketing research to help you translate the metrics into strategy will help your marketing become complete. The trends and statistics may not be the creative portion of marketing but they are definitely your friend. Marketing is and will continue to be trial and error. Going against the grain has led to some of the most memorable marketing moments in history.


Your digital flyers, tv and radio announcements, business cards, and social media all drive people to your website.  Because of these many different marketing platforms, it has become more and more difficult to synchronize and create a synergy across your marketing platforms.  Not having a strategic, organized approach will hurt your various marketing campaigns.

Pushing the status quo in terms of what is a significant marketing medium will continue to be a hot topic. With all of the emerging technologies, it will always be evolving with which ones will have significant reach and respectable tenure. Wearable tech and virtual reality have tremendous potential.

To compete in today’s market, you must embrace the new marketing platforms and embrace the core principles of marketing such as writing amazing content, optimizing and analyzing. One without the other is not doing your business justice and will give others the opportunity gain market share.

Are you hands off or constantly analyzing and adjusting appropriately?

Are you keeping up?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you are doing to stay ahead!

Edgar Guerra

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Growing up I saw the hard work my family put in day in and day out to give my siblings and I a better life style than they had growing up. They taught me that If there was anything I ever wanted in life I would have to work for it to earn it. I've taken their knowledge and hard work ethic to help me grow as a web developer.

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