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Learn the 4 Essential Pillars of Business Growth
Learn the 4 Essential Pillars of Strategic Business GrowthWritten by Christina HooperAs a business owner, you have a lot of options for[...]
How Much Does a Website Redesign Cost?
How Much Does a Website Redesign Cost? quality vs cost - learn how much do you need to budget for[...]
Data-Driven Pro Tips for Researching Blog Topics
You heard about this blogging "thing" and how it's the new secret sauce to make your website a lead generating[...]
12 Classic Office Holiday Party Guests
The holidays are officially upon us!This means last-minute shopping, family get-togethers, and of course - office holiday parties. Whether you're[...]
How to Say NO to Your Coworkers (politely)
Saying no at work can be uncomfortable and intimidating. We don't want to disappoint our boss or colleagues and we[...]
How Small Business Can Stick It to the “Man”
Big box stores may have deep pockets to spend tons of money when it comes to marketing and advertising, but[...]
FB2B: Maximizing Your Facebook Ad Efficiency
You use it.  Your grandma uses it.  There are even numerous pages dedicated strictly to cats.  Regardless of content, Facebook[...]
Five Fails to Avoid When Hiring Marketing Agencies
Ever notice when a company’s website looks the same on a phone as well as on a large-resolution monitor? Maybe[...]
Three Keys for Unlocking More Online Sales
The site is done, the ads are out, and the sales are...eep...not good. What gives? Why is it that your[...]
Six Steps to Site and Social Success
So you’ve closed the door for the night and you sit down at your computer, wondering why your boosted Facebook[...]
How Small Biz Can Beat Big Box for Local Customers
As a small business owner, one of the biggest challenges you face is the battle against your Big Box Competitors.[...]
Why Your Employees Need Negative Feedback [infographic]
To quote Einstein, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”Every mistake is an opportunity to[...]
8 Powerful Interview Questions to Ask Designers
Designers are an important asset for your company.  Whether you choose to hire in-house or outsource, they are responsible for[...]
7 Steps to a Successful Social Strategy
Getting your business off the ground on social media can be a real pain in the (you know what)!There are[...]
Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits 101
As a nonprofit organization, you have some advantages and a lot of challenges that you have to conquer when developing[...]
Correct these 3 Common Blogging Mistakes
You've done your research. You figured out that blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your company's website[...]
Local Expert @ The Chattanoogan Shares Insider Tips
Being right here in North Georgia, we are fortunate enough to be a stone's throw from some of the most[...]
How To Rock Your SEO with a Business Blog!
When it comes to getting ahead online, a solid website that represents your company and is designed to attract and[...]
[How To] Avoid Becoming A Marketing Dinosaur
A picture is worth a thousand words.  So what do you have when you combine words and a picture?  Some[...]
Marketing Today – Evolve or become Extinct!!!
Marketing has evolved more than every other business division over the past 30 years due to drastic changes in market dynamics[...]
How to Keep Your Business New Year Resolutions
You're officially into 2016 now and your mind is already reeling with all of the changes you want to make[...]
Baby-Boomer Marketing How to Tap into a Goldmine
People who have money to spend are more likely to buy your product or service.  So, who has the most[...]
How to Use Online Marketing for Boring Industries
Just because you run an insurance company... or a financial company... or any type of company that most people would[...]
Email Marketing for Beginners
Email marketing is one of those weird things that seems simple and complicated all at the same time.  When you[...]
Not Using Buyer Personas… You’re Missing Out!
The way buyer's buy has shifted.  They have the power to find out about you and your products/services without ever[...]
What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Does it Work?
If you own a business, you’ve probably already noticed the shift in the way people are buying. Customers are coming[...]