5 Things Your eStore Needs to Succeed

Whether you have an E-Store as your main source of income, a side business, or to sell items from your physical store, there are some things that every store needs to have to succeed online.

So here are a few tips to help you get ahead:

#1 Make sure it can be searched!

You should have an internal site search built into your store that makes it easy for customers to find what they want without having to navigate around the site to do it.

According to Econsultancy (link), having a search gets people to buy at a rate of 4.63% versus the average of 2.77% without it.

#2 Provide your contact details in an easy to spot location!

This may seem obvious, but I've seen a large number of online stores that didn't provide any way for me to contact them... or if they did, they buried it in some obscure place on the site.

Make sure you have at least a place for people to email you questions about your products, and then reply to those emails in at least 24 business hours.

#3 Don't require them to register on your site to buy

In an age of coveting email lists for marketing, it can be tempting to require your customers to register and create an account on your site in order to make their purchase.

According to Kissmetrics, 23% of customers will abandon their cart if they are forced to register.

Be sure to collect the information you need to notify them of problems with their order, but beyond that, don't require them to create an account.

#4 Include an About page on your store

The smaller you are, the more important this is.  It gives you a chance to let your personality shine.

You can highlight your company's history, introduce customers to your team or your facility, and so much more.

People buy from company's they trust, and the About page helps a lot with that.

#5 Don't skimp on the product details

When a customer is evaluating whether or not to buy something online, they are always struggling to overcome the fear that goes with forking over your hard-earned money for something you can't see or hold.

Include photos, robust descriptions, dimensions, and any other relevant details that can help put their minds at ease about their impending purchase.

Some of these are really simple fixes!

What are you going to do?

Leave a comment below and let me know what tips you plan on implementing on your page!

Edgar Guerra

Web Ninja

Growing up I saw the hard work my family put in day in and day out to give my siblings and I a better life style than they had growing up. They taught me that If there was anything I ever wanted in life I would have to work for it to earn it. I've taken their knowledge and hard work ethic to help me grow as a web developer.

I believe that if you want to be successful, you have to take the time and learn from people that have gone through the same road you have so you can learn from their mistakes and grow efficiently.

My mission is to help anyone who wants to succeed in life by helping them get there in what ever way I can.